Wellness – How To Achieve Wellness In This Era

wellness coachAchieving can be a daunting task especially in this era. Everything is available whether good for you or not, you just have to make the right choice. Here at we share tips and ways as well as share information on how you can keep well, stay well, be full of energy and enjoy life that is stress free.

We start with water and share with you information on what would be the best water to drink before talking about other things that can add positively to your health and outlook.

Being health conscious means being mindful of what you ingest – what goes into your gut be it water, food, etc. It also means being conscious of your health as in ailments, sleep patterns, pains and taking corrective measures to reduce or stop them.

You will also want to be self-aware of how you look, looking youthful and vibrant being the most desirable state. In other words you must join the anti-aging revolution. You will want to look young and feel young. The foundation of all health and wellness is water…

The Best Water To Drink

Watch the following video explaining the best water to drink to healthy, youthful and energized!

The best water to drink is water that will give you optimal health. It should be clean, have great taste, lightly alkaline, live with energy, with sufficient dissolved oxygen, with abundance of essential minerals and trace elements, with gut friendly microbes, micro-clustered that is predominantly hexagonal structure… Continue reading here!

wellness with anti aging

Anti-Aging Wellness

When we age a lot of things about our bodies go haywire starting with the skin, memory, energy, sleep and self-satisfaction. The good news is you can defy aging you just have to know how! You about to find out best tips and natural ways to lookyounger, your best… continue reading!

Healthy Gardening To Reduce Stress-300x190

Healthy Gardening

Until a while ago I didn’t know or realized that gardening has many facets. I was used to traditional ways of gardening, where soil always had to be present. I discovered that you can grow a garden without soil in a similar fashion I discovered that water is more than… continue reading!

eating well for wellnes

Eat Well

What do we mean by eat well? To eatwell is eating well is being mindful of what you eat. Whatever you eat or ingest you must consider its impact on your health, weight, well being, etc… There are different meal plans or diets you can follow or adopt to… continue reading!